SIGPRO Softy 4′ x 7′ Golf Mat





Introducing SIGPRO? Softy: The Future of Indoor Golf

After hearing from our customers and trying all the golf mats the industry has to offer, we discovered that there was room for major improvement.

Through many long hours of brainstorming and rigorous testing we decided to develop the perfect mat for the everyday golfer.

With the SIGPRO? Softy golf mats we did exactly that. Also available in our?larger?SIGPRO 4 x 10 Golf Mat.

‘It’s too grabby, It’s too firm, It’s too forgiving’

These are all things we’ve heard and experienced from other mats. The SIGPRO? Golf Mat solves all these problems, we’ve found a sweet spot between durable and realistic that is unlike anything we’ve hit off of before.

‘Golf mats don’t look good’

The SIGPRO? Golf Mats looks how they feel; Top-of-the-line. We want our mats to feel like a natural addition to any setup, anywhere.

‘Golf mats hurt my joints’

Turf Density made to be hit on everyday by everyday golfers.

‘I want to practice hitting off of a real tee’

Our SIG proprietary blend tee line turf takes a tee and also feels great. Practice how you play, put your ball on a real tee.

‘Golf Mats are too heavy’

Our custom soft durable foam backing provides ultimate comfort without weighing a ton. Our largest mat weighs only 31 pounds.

‘Mats don’t?feel like an actual course’

We built this mat to give you that tee-box feel. When you’re using SIGPRO?, you feel like the course is in your home.

SIGPRO Softy 4′ x 7′ Golf Mat